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Three great white kittens were born November 20, 2014, Fantine Range with Temaru.




Short story ...



In 1991 all by chance, I board purchased two Turkish Angora cats Tortoiseshell. The first and second Felline Fidjy Djiakara of a lady who wanted to stop his livestock because of time.

They had just one year. This breed is very rare, I board had to make many efforts to find a male. After much research, I board finally found my happiness in a farm in Holland.

The lucky winner was named St. Ciddy Glinglin who had six months. He was bi-color red and white, very sweet and affectionate.

The first staff arrived at about one year later. And that's how my small breeding began.

For me, the best cat is very important. So I try to select cats sweet and affectionate, is a true passion "The Turkish Angoras.

When we know them can not live without it and that makes 17 years that passion lasts.

Els van Soest

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